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“Wall Art” 把藝術的感染力帶入我們的日常生活之中:房間、住所、日常用品 ⋯⋯


“Wall Art” is creating a new and visually enjoyable environment for our communities. Not only on the street, but also bring them into our lives, our room, our living places. As an art educator and practitioner, I believe art-making can help people process their emotions and bring them new energy and help them to access their inner creative resources. As a result, customers can enjoy the initiative of arts. We hope they can be benefited in both psycho-social and aesthetic aspects through the improved visual experience.

Composite0001 (15).png


Gives to your wall high quality re-live



讓您擁有在室內的空間感Enjoy indoor spacious experience



Enhance emotional wellbeing by improving visual experience

reLiver wall



This series of paintings are completed by my guided Imagery, which is a method of using your imagination to help you cope better with stress and the anxiety of life.

IMG_0456 2.JPG


3D abstract wall



The design enhances the sense of 3D layering. It is to give your wall(s) a fresh look. Hope you enjoy the indoor spacious experience. Let’s art enhance emotional wellbeing by improving the visual experience.

立體畫創作 3D Painting


Creating a new visual and spacious experience by the illusion, 3D creation gives you a fresh look and a brighter and happier life.

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