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About Terena

Terena 是香港本土藝術家,熱愛街頭藝術創作。由一個中學畢業生走到街頭藝術賦予的一個個大舞台上,除了幸運,還需要許多主動爭取的膽識與放棄休息的毅力。 自大學一年級起,她活躍參與不同的街頭藝術創作,從不歇息地不斷創作,在過去六年,創作已遍佈香港各個街頭,隨時隨地也可能看到她的作品。至今,她在社區、學校、街頭、餐店等不同地方已完成多於50件的街頭藝術作品,更嘗試誇出香港,參與其他國家的Street Art 比賽和壁畫創作,包括美國及意大利,為自己在藝術的道路上注了強心,並藉此與各國街頭藝畫家交流。



She is a Hong Kong-based painter. On her way to become a street art artist, in addition to luck, it requires a lot of courage to take the initiative and at times of weariness, perseverance to keep learning, creating, and exploring in the field of painting. So far, she has participated and completed more than 50 community art projects, street art works, 3D mural paintings and 3D floor painting in Hong Kong, USA and China individually and in group paintings. She has never stopped creating in the past six years and she has been very lucky to receive great support from different communities such as the Government and non-profit organizations.


She is also an art educator. What she has also done in these few years is collaborating with local schools to promote street arts on campus and in the community. She hopes her efforts would continue to inspire people in positive ways and that with these experiences gained by her artistic practices.



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Project Idea

“Terena Wall”,對於一直覺得藝術充滿感染力的她來說,這項目是另一個新的嘗試,把藝術的感染力,不但呈現在街頭,更帶入我們的日常生活之中:房間、住所、日常用品 ⋯⋯  希望能夠從視覺上的轉變,給予一種令人舒壓和喜悅的感覺,注入新的能量,減輕都市人的壓力感。

“Terena Wall” is creating a new and visually enjoyable environment for our communities. Not only on the street, but also bring them into our lives, our room, our living places. As an art educator and practitioner, I believe art-making can help people process their emotions and bring them new energy and help them to access their inner creative resources. As a result, customers can enjoy the initiative of arts. We hope they can be benefited in both psycho-social and aesthetic aspects through the improved visual experience.

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Gives to your wall high quality re-live



讓您擁有在室內的空間感Enjoy indoor spacious experience



Enhance emotional wellbeing by improving visual experience

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